Potency Testing of Cannabis – A Major Concern

Cannabis is a plant that grows wildly in mostly the temperate and the tropical regions. It can comfortably grow in any climate. As per the research, cannabis is known to give relief from inflammation, nausea, and pain. Cannabis can be categorized into three main forms namely hashish, hash oil and marijuana. Marijuana is the most common of the three and is made out of dried flowers and leaves of this cannabis plant. Its mild property has made it highly accessible. Most people use cannabis to experience a sense of relaxation and mild euphoria. This state of mind and body is often stated as “high.” Cannabis brings about a significant change in the mood of the user and also cause manipulations in how they think and observe the environment around them. Everyday activities like listening to music and watching the TV can be altered and made more intense under the effect of marijuana.

Importance of potency testing

Potency is another issue when we talk about cannabis. Every cannabis product will not have the same potency. If you are not aware of the potency, then you might take in more than the required quantity or sometimes even less. This is the prime reason why cannabis potency testing has become essential. Potency testing helps the manufactures to know the strength of the product. Depending on the potency, the dosage information is mentioned on the label of the product. This acts as a guide on how much of the product you should consume. Without knowing the potency, you will have to blindly try the dosage and see which one suits your need which may be harmful to the body. Moreover, in some states, there are restrictions that the product should contain a certain amount of cannabis, so there, the potency testing helps to conclude. Besides this factor, as a user, it is highly essential for you to know the percentage of the active ingredient you consume in any cannabis product.

Rely on professionals

When it comes to testing the potency, you cannot blindly rely on any lab. It should be a professional center that has the proper infrastructure to support such testing. CanMedLabs is one such reliable body you can trust and rely on. They adopt both the High-Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) and the Gas Chromatograph (GC) methods for the analysis of potency and terpene. When these technologies are combined with flame ionization system of detection, it provides an ultimate sensitivity and selectivity. The testing of potency can be performed on both dry and fresh flowers.

How effective is the process

Cannabis potency testing requires a clean environment to ensure the accuracy of the procedure. Lab testing is a serious project, and the presence of any impurities can lead to adverse health issues on the users. The scenario at CanMedLabs is different. They offer innovative testing methods for deadly microbial organisms with their comprehensive analysis methods. The results are achieved as per the specific standards of the industry where microbiological organisms like E.coli, Coliform Bacteria, Mold and Yeast are detected.