A Cycling Simulator Could Bring The Gym Anywhere

There’s a lot of different things that you can find to be true about exercise, etc. You can always get a bicycle and hit the road, or you can get to a gym. But what if you wanted to test out bikes, or perhaps you’re a bike company and want to give people a test run on bicycle solutions? Well, there’s a new option that you will want to explore, and it’s fascinating on a lot of different levels. The option is simple, cycle simulator hire, which can let you hook up a virtual reality cycling simulator for your event, and allow people to enjoy a bit of exercise, race against each other, or just test their skills in cycling with relative ease.

Real World Resistance

The first thing that you’re going to notice about this option is that people will assume it’s easy. They’ll get on the cycle and start to pedal through and assume that they are going to have a “video game” experience. There is a calibration setting that is “simple” made for beginners, but that’s not all. You’re going to find that things can get quite difficult and the resistance can change in real time. So much so that some individuals will find that they can barely keep up with the virtual roads that are in front of them, through the screen. The real-world resistance chances the course and the resistance on the bike automatically, making it systematically harder to go through the motions over time. Not only that, you’ll find that the cycle simulator has realism in mind, and truly is an interesting option for those that have never raced cycles.

Training For Outdoors

For athletes that are looking to train, this is a great option to consider. This is a solution that emulates the real-world cycling challenges around the world. It’s something that could very well keep athletes fighting against the twists, turns, cities, and villages that racing events offer the experts of cycling. It’s certainly something unique, and with the graphics on the screen and the cycling in real time, an athlete could very well train for the real world, in the comfort of a warehouse, gym, or an office.

Promote Your Event With Fun

Have an event? Going to a trade show? You can easily brand this option and have this set up for people to come to your table or booth and enjoy the high stakes racing action in real time. This can be setup for 4 people to race at the same time, and can be made easy to work with. The real-world experience feels like a game at first, but can easily be tuned to make things a bit more complex to work with, and run through endurance if need be. This is a virtual world that feels like the real world, and cycling fans or just beginners will absolutely be blown away by how this emulates the real feeling of being on a bike and going through the Tour De France, and other events that are on a cycle. The cycle simulator hire option is definitely worth checking out for a number of reasons.  For more info, please visit pswevents.com